Spray paint shouldn’t be used for vandalism, it should be used for art! You might not be as good as Picasso, but I assure you, this project will unleash your creative side.

Things you’ll need:

  • Your electric guitar
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Other screwdriver sizes
  • Spray paint
  • Soldering Iron

Disassembling the Guitar

  1. Remove the strings of your guitar.
  2. Flip the guitar over and take off its back plate using a screwdriver. Be sure to place the removed screws in a secure area.
  3. Loosen the two screws that hold the three strings until you can take the springs off from the bridge. Don’t be afraid to wiggle the strings a bit to remove them.
  4. Remove the neck plate at the back of the guitar using a screwdriver as well. Once removed, flip the guitar over then carefully and slowly remove the neck of your guitar. Again, place it in a safe area.
  5. Flip the guitar again. The second the soldering iron is warmed up, desolder the wire in the bridge where the springs were located earlier. Once the wire is desoldered from the metal, take the screws entirely and set them aside in a safe place.
  6. Flip the guitar and remove the six screws that hold the main bridge. Set it aside.
  7. Unscrew the chrome plate also known as the input jack. Turn the plate over and desolder the two wires that are soldered to the input jack using your soldering iron.
  8. Remove the screws that hold the scratch plate. Be careful not to detach the screws that hold the pickups and the pickup selector switch. They don’t have to be taken out.
  9. Lift off the scratch plate and remove the tiny screw that holds another wire which prevents you from fully detaching the scratch plate.
  10. Remove the buttons that are responsible for holding the guitar straps as well.

Painting the Guitar

  1. Sand the guitar to make sure the paint will bond properly with the body of the guitar.
  2. Get your paint sprayer from Paint Sprayer Mag and install the paint of your chosen HVLP spray guncolor to the spray gun. Be sure you’re wearing the appropriate outfit—old clothes, gloves, safety glasses, paint mask, and proper footwear.
  3. Cover the surroundings that you don’t want to get painted. Use newspapers or painters tape.
  4. Apply the first coat. Be sure that the paint spray nozzle is 10-12 inches away from the surface of the guitar. Let the first coat dry.
  5. Apply the second coat then allow it to dry completely as well.
  6. Use a clear lacquer. It will protect the paint and give your guitar a shiny look.

Reassembling the Guitar

  1. Squier TelecasterAssemble the scratch plate.
  2. Put back the main bridge, the input jack, and the neck of the guitar.
  3. Secure the neck by flipping the guitar and putting back the neck plate.
  4. Tightly screw the back plate.
  5. Lastly, put back the strings and tune your guitar.